Tough Summer Plants

drought tolerant container plantsThe warm days of summer are here and we are busy at Terra Bites Lawn Service.  Like most Georgia homeowners, you are probably dreaming of enjoying your outdoor space surrounded by bright, colorful blooming plants. Choosing  summer plants that enhance your garden will ensure that your yard will keep you happy all throughout the hot season.

Selecting tough-as-nails flowering plants for your landscaping provides the vibrant color you want, while lasting through the summer heat. Consider planting these hardy varieties to keep your landscape looking cool all summer.

Blooming plants

  • Bitterweed – This Texas native sports golden blooms and narrow, grassy leaves. So tough, it can grow in the cracks of your cement!  Growing to about 1-foot tall, it is beautiful in containers.
  • Butter Daisy – This easy-to-grow, tough summer plant is a colorful annual that produces many yellow daisy-like blossoms. It grows from 8 to 24 inches tall, excels in hot, dry conditions and does best in locations with full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Lantana – These cheerful looking drought-resistant plants require very little water, making it a natural for container gardening. It grows quickly and blooms solidly throughout the summer for a profuse splash of color throughout the warm season. Available in both shrubby varieties suitable for low hedges as well as spreading types that are excellent as ground covers. Lantana comes in a variety of sizes, colors and hybrids – check out Lantana “New Gold”.
  • Zinnias – To bring color and attract wildlife, plant zinnias in your landscape. These colorful blooms are favorites of butterflies such as Painted Lady, Monarch, Swallowtail and other insects who enjoy their nectar. The blossoms attract Hummingbirds, Goldfinches and Sparrows, and other songbirds are drawn to their seeds.

Foliage impact

  • Coleus “Big Blonde – A very heat hardy plant, Coleus can take full, hot sun, tolerates low humidity or high humidity, and features bright chartreuse foliage with deep magenta stems. Beautiful as a border plant, it grows from 24 to 36 inches high.
  • Dusty Miller – A gardener’s favorite, Dusty Miller’s soft grey leaves bring a welcome color variation which blends well with other plants. This annual has decorative silvery foliage perfect for enhancing your unique drought-resistant landscaping.

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