Turn Your Fallen Leaves into Mulch!

It’s fall in Georgia which means one thing, falling leaves! The leaves are turning color which makes for a beautiful season but it also presents another chore and potential threat to your lawn. Here’s a tip to turning your fallen leaves on your lawn into mulch to help your grass stay healthy.

  • Running over fallen leaves with your lawn mower can turn them into small, digestible pieces for your lawn. If the leaves are chopped into dime-sized pieces it will help your lawn breakdown and recycle the carbon.

    fallen leaves

    image via freedigitalphotos.net

  • Your lawn should be fertilized each fall to ensure it grows back healthy and strong in the spring. This fertilization will only make the microbes that break down carbon that much stronger!
  • Because the leaves are extremely carbon-rich, they can also be a great addition to your composting efforts as well as serving as a great insulation for your more tender plants.
  • Using the leaves for mulch is an eco-friendly venture! Raking them is a waste of time that could be spent doing other things or work on your garden. Other options such as burning them can be dangerous as well as hazardous for the environment.

Have you started thinking about preparing your lawn for the upcoming winter season? There are many precautions to take in order to make certain your lawn grows back beautiful each and every spring. Using fallen leaves and working with a professional lawn care service for regular maintenance are just a couple of ways to efficiently care for your lawn. For more information on lawn care in Braselton, contact us here.