Wait a second…those aren’t leaves!

Have you ever been walking around your yard noticing your trees, and all of the sudden, see something that looks off? It resembles a dead leaf bunch, but upon closer inspection, you realize it is not leaves at all. At Terra Bites Lawn Service LLC in Braselton Georgia, we want to educate you on bagworms and give some easy ways to rid your yard of them.


By Andrew C via Wikimedia Commons

What Are Bagworms?

Often mistaken for dead leaves or moss, bagworms are highly destructive insects that quite literally attack many deciduous and evergreen tree, as well as shrubs. When they are young, the caterpillars feed on the needles of the tree, and can be recognized by their signature “bag” they construct around themselves.

Getting Rid Of Them:

Method 1: The first removal method is to physically remove and destroy as many of the bags as possible. This can significantly reduce bagworm populations. Unfortunately, many times they build their “bags” very high in trees making easy removal unlikely. Trust your friends at Terra Bites to help you with this problem! By having proper, and regular lawn care maintenence, we should be able to spot any developing bags, and dispose of them before it is too late.

Method 2: Products such as bifenthrin or permethrinfrom, when used from April to August can help to prevent bagworms from being attracted to your trees in the first place.

Method 3: Trees under stress, much like people, are more susceptible to illness and infestation. Proper watering, and maintenance of your trees and lawn like the services provided by Terra Bites will help deter bagworms from inhabiting.

To learn more about bagworms, or any of our services, contact Terra Bites today!