Weed of The Month: Poa Annua

This common weed, Poa annua or known more conventionally as annual bluegrass. This pesky weed is extremely common in lawns and can even be found in gardens. While it’s tough to control and harder to prevent, poa annua can be controlled and eventually rid from your lawn or garden.

Poa annua is hard to control and prevent because it has the potential to produce hundreds of seeds each season. In addition, these seeds can remain dormant for several years before becoming active and growing.poa annua

This weed is fairly simple to identify. Look for a long, stalky weed sticking out above the line of the rest of your grass. It has serrated-like leaves. During the summer months, Poa annua can die and cause large, unsightly brown spots throughout your lawn. It also thrives in cold weather when your lawn is more weak, allowing the weed to thrive. Poa annua will grow during the late spring and early summer months, so prevention and treatment are key.

When it comes to preventing and treating Poa annua, timing is key. Poa annua will germinate in the late fall and early spring. Plan accordingly. Besides the strategic application of herbicide, round up and boiling are also effective options as control methods of Poa annua.

The most aggressive and effective treatment plans for getting rid of and preventing Poa annua are best left to certified professionals. At Terra Bites, we can evaluate your lawn and propose the best solution to suit your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate of your lawn.