Weeds: The Silent Killer

At Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC, we offer a variety of services to our customers. From lawn mowing to fertilization, Terra Bites has you covered. One of our more popular services is our Weed Control and Fertilization, but today we would like to talk about the weed portion of that service, and educate you a bit on why the battle on weeds can be so tricky and often seem like an uphill one. Weed in lawn

Weeds Are Aggressive!

A study done by Professor Dr Thomas Stützel of the Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants compared the growth of carrots to chickweeds in a garden. What he found was that according to the information on the carrot packet, the germination period is ten to twenty days. The chickweed’s germination period, however, is only two to three days, meaning it will have bloomed, fruited, and multiplied long before the carrot has even sprouted.

How Terra Bites Can Help

At Terra Bites, we offer an 8-step program to ensure a healthy, lush lawn free from weeds. We can service both “warm season lawns” such as Bermudas and Zoysia, as well as “cool season lawn such as Fescue. We will visit your lawn eight times over a twelve month period for maintenance, and of course receive additional visits if your lawn requires more. Our weed control and fertilization are one low price, so you save some money too!

So, if your lawn is looking like more weeds than grass, give us a call. We will be happy to help!