Welcome to Our Blog!

Terra Bites Lawn Care is extremely excited to welcome you to our new website and blog!  When you get a chance, take a moment to explore the new site as it is full of pertinent information. We have included a list of our services, frequently asked questions, information about our payment schedule and even a page on our special offers. Basically, the updated website is a fountain of information for all things lawn care related.

Lawn Service in Braselton

Terra Bites Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated company right here in Braselton, GA. It is our mission to make life a little easier for our customers by giving them a beautiful yard that requires no effort on their part. Instead, their free time is used enjoying the yard as well as any favorite pastimes and hobbies.

In addition to our service, you also get our expertise. We know the appropriate fertilizers to use for different lawns as well as the right time of the year to use them. We know how to properly prevent weeds from taking root. We know which grass needs the most sunlight and which can survive in the shade. Lawn service is like a fine science, you must use the right elements in order to get the best the results.

Find Us Online

The new website and blog are not the only new online additions for Terra Bites Lawn Care. Find us on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and Yelp. Remember to check the blog for updates about our company, and if you find yourself in need of lawn care service in Braselton, don’t hesitate to contact us.