What Are Chinch Bugs?

When you invest time and energy into caring for your lawn, it is important to be knowledgable about all of the possible things that could be out to destroy it. Whether it be chemicals, bugs or weather, be prepared so you can take care to prevent your lawn from potential harm. One of these threats to the welfare of your lawn is the chinch bug.

Chinch bugs are that use their small mouths to pierce your lawn and feed of it. They’re grayish-brown in color once they reach full maturity and only measure about 1/8 of an inch.¬†lawn care services

Chinch bugs prefer warmer weather, usually higher temperatures than 70 degrees will be most favorable for these little pests. Chinch bugs that breed in the south have been known to thrive in temperatures as low as the mid 60s, which means you could have a problem through the end of December.

Because chinch bugs are so small, an infestation can be tough to detect. If you do notice them, don’t worry! Having your lawn well fertilized and irrigated will help your lawn survive. ¬†Watering your lawn prior to implementing insecticide will help bring the bugs to the surface and ensure that they are taken care of. It’s best to allow a professional to handle this problem to make sure that it is taken care of once and for all without having to worry about the little pests returning.

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