What the Mulch?

       Looking at the best yards in your neighborhood, you may notice a few things that stand out. Maybe they have an elegant fountain surround by bushes, or perhaps an incredible design highlighted by trees. But there is one thing every great lawn design has. Mulch. Mulch is the background color that makes your lawn or garden pop. But wait, which kind of mulch is best for my yard? The answer may not be as straightforward as we’d like, but there are some key differences that you should always keep in mind.

Pine Bark is a great choice for mulch!

Pine Straw

       Pine straw is readily available (especially here in Georgia), natural looking, and holds itself together when rain storms hit. They break down a little slower than other organic mulches, and are naturally acidic which helps plants that prefer acidic soil!  

Pine Bark
       Pine bark or pine bark nuggets are also very common. This may be because of how easy it is to lay them down. Unlike pine needles, which takes experience to make them look tidy, pine bark lays down easily and can be molded around many types of plants. However, during rain storms water can easily pick up and move these nuggets. This may be a great choice, but they do require upkeep over their lifetime.


       The biggest positive for rubber mulch is that it outlasts every other type of mulch by a long shot. However, since it doesn’t break down, the soil never gains any extra nutrients, and rubber can leave a smell for a few months after it is laid down.

       No matter which mulch you pick, it is just the background noise and your lawn always needs its own maintenance. Don’t forget to get out there every week or give our team a call and they’ll take care of it for you!