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Terra Bites Lawn Service is happy to serve the lovely Barrow County area of Winder, Georgia. We provide this area with excellent lawn care, lawn maintenance, weed control, core aeration and more! If you live in Winder, or are interested in moving to this community, please remember to contact Terra Bites to get your lawn under control and healthy!

City of Winder Fun Facts

  • Winder was originally called “Jug Tavern,” but was later changed to be named after the city’s railroad builder and manager, John H. Winder.
  • Today the city celebrates an annual Jug Tavern Festival (formerly known as the Chautauqua Festival).
  • The Barrow County Museum is in the old Barrow County Jail. This historic site even has an original hanging tower and jail cells in it!
  • The area’s popular Fort Yargo State Park was named for the 1792 fort built by settlers found there.

Things To Do

The beautifully wooded area of Fort Yargo State Park provides visitors with options for picnicking, swimming, hiking, fishing, boating and golfing. This park made uniquely popular by its Will-A-Way Recreation Center, a center that is designed especially for use by the physically disabled. Residents and guests to Winder can also enjoy the 260-acre Marbury Creek Reservoir, enjoy fun exhibits at the Winder Cultural Arts Center, go shopping in Downtown Winder, or enjoy a round of golf at the Georgia Club or the Chimneys.

Contact Terra Bites Lawn Service

If you are a homeowner or business owner and need Winder local lawn care, please contact us at Terra Bites Lawn Service! We are pleased to include the city of Winder in our Service Area and look forward to growing you a stunning, green lawn.


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