You Can Save on Weed Control and Fertilization

One of the biggest complaints we hear from frustrated homeowners about their lawns is the constant struggle with weeds. Weeds are a huge hassle for everyone, regardless of yard size. Another huge complaint we get is concerning the health, or overall “healthy look” of your yard. At Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC we understand that both of these are huge concerns, and for our new customers, we offer a discount for weed control services as well as fertilization! Let us explain more!Terra Bites can help your lawn!

Weed Control

At Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC we definitely understand the need for weed control, in both residential and commercial lawns. We offer an 8 – step program to ensure a healthy, lush lawn free from weeds. We customize our treatment plans based on the type of grass you have! Warm season lawns include grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia, and our cool season lawns include Fescue. We’ll visit your lawn 8 times over a 12 month period for maintenance, but you get unlimited visits if your lawn requires more.


In order to maintain a healthy lawn, fertilization is key. With most Americans wanting their own lawn for their children to play on, it is important to have a lush, and healthy lawn for your little ones! At Terra Bites Lawn Care LLC, we understand this fact, which is why this is included in your package.

Our weed control and fertilization are a packaged deal, so you enjoy both services for one monthly price. So, contact us today by clicking here!