Your Fall To-Do List

We get it. You’re busy! As the holidays draw closer, you’re only going to become more busy! If you’re a homeowner, you have enough going on inside the home before you even get a chance to think about what’s going on outdoors. However, remembering these helpful tips will give you peace of mind as we get ready to transition into the winter months. Here are some chores to add to your fall to-do list to ensure that you are prepared for the winter and your home is looking great for next spring, it’ll be here before you know it!

  1. Add mulch to any garden or landscaping.
  2. Start your leaf clean up regiment. Fallen leaves can be dangerous for your lawn if they accumulate.
  3. Reduce your irrigation frequency. Once all of the leaves have fallen off of a tree stop watering it.

    fall to do list

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  4. Stop pruning plants and trimming your hedges. A drastic drop in temperature after the being cut can damage the growth of the plant or even kill it.
  5. Plant your trees, but hurry! Planting your trees before the ground begins to freeze is critical in order to ensure that there is ample time for roots to develop.
  6. Attack any pesky weeds that might be in your garden. Now is also a great time to apply any compost to your landscape.
  7. Of course, fertilize your lawn for next spring!

Need more information on preparing your lawn for the fall? Contact us today for an estimate on how we can treat your lawn to keep it looking healthy and beautiful all year!